A book called ‘How They Croaked‘ was brought to my attention by my practicum advisor, who suggested it as a great non-fiction book for reluctant readers.

Why? Well, broken in to bite-sized bits are the histories of how famous people have famously died. The small chunks and the snarky tone of the book make for a good read for tweens and could be a great solution to my weekly tutoring/book talk sessions with ESL students.

Both my practicum advisor and I found the content and tone incredibly funny and harmless. A patron at the desk disagreed, commenting that she found it an inappropriate topic for kids of that age. We both assured her that it wasn’t overly gore-y and showed her some of the pages for reference. She seemed appeased after viewing it, but that got me thinking about what other kinds of reactions this book might elicit. I decided to go on Amazon.com and read the comments (never read the comments). Reviews were overwhelmingly favorable, but more than a couple reviewers found the content to be unspiritual, inappropriate, and even dangerous.

Take a look at the book and tell me your thoughts!