A paperback is truly my favorite format of book. I mean it–give me a paperback over a hardback or e-book any day of the week! There’s just something about that bendable spine that gets to me. BUT I have come to realize that, in fact, trade paperbacks are my favorite format.

There is a stigma against mass-market paperbacks, an idea that only smutty romance novels (which I like!) are printed in mmpbs. I never gave it much thought and frankly found it to be silly, this stigma, until recently while on a flight I felt a bit judged for my mass-market book. Genre fiction tends to be printed in mass-market formats and I know genre fiction tends to be considered a ‘less’ or formulaic or not super intellectual, so perhaps I was just being sensitive.

Thoughts? How does format effect the way you perceive a book? Have you ever read a book in one format and loved it, and again in another but really disliked it?