I have mere pages to go in Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice and let me tell you, I now believe that all vampire novels that came after it are rip-offs! Okay, so maybe not all, but certainly Twilight and The Vampire Diaries generously help themselves to some themes (and even characters); I’m sure there are vampire novels that are more fantasy heavy that have more original plot lines. I may be unfair to say that, but I guess I’ll have to read the most original vampire novel I can think of to decide if they’re all just rip-offs: Dracula.

I decided to read Interview because I am interested in books that have been made in to movies. I am thinking about creating such a display for my library, so I’m trying to read across genres and levels so that the display has something for everyone. Anyway, that’s another blog post entirely.

People of this blog ((hello! are you there!? Is anyone out there, can anyone hear me?) I feel like I’m the guy in the lifeboat searching for people after titanic sinks and I’m just waiting for my Kate Winslet to call out to me) please tell me who you think the most original vampire is/the best vampire novel.