I attend school in a state eight hours away from my home, and to kill time on the holiday drives back and forth, I’ve been listening to audiobooks. The first one, given to me by my grandmother, was a Nora Roberts¬†audiobook. I don’t recall the title, but the narrator had a great baritone voice and I found myself mildly entertained for the six hour duration. Upon recommendation from several librarians, I then checked out ‘Bloody Jack‘ by L.A. Meyer. While I found the content to be interesting I could not stand the narrator. Her voice drove me bananas. All the librarians had given high praise to the energetic narration, so I was slightly surprised by my distaste. I also tried listening to Augusten Burroughs’ autobiography¬†‘Running with Scissors‘. It is painfully narrated by the author and dreadful. I stopped it after 20 minutes.

I began to think maybe audiobooks just weren’t something I would enjoy; then I listened to Divergent¬†by Victoria Roth. I loved the audiobook. Yes, it is another dystopian teen fiction novel, but it was enjoyable. Of course I found myself drawing parallels between it and The Hunger Games, but it is different enough to keep the reader/listener curious. The narration was great–not too over the top and allowed the listener to add their own imagination to the story.

So here’s my question: Do you like audiobooks? What type of narrator do you prefer…a great actor or someone with a pleasing voice? What’s the best audiobook you’ve listened to?